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Back in the day, if anyone asked me about him and his company, I’d tell them that he was just another copycat with no original content.I thought he was just another marketer trying to prey on the hard work of other PUAs and nothing more.It minimizes rejection at the opener, but it takes a lot of energy to pull off.

I was most surprised with Richard’s original spin on old techniques. Flash game involves getting a girl’s attention before you approach her so that she’s primed and excited about you approaching her.Ross Jeffries taught NLP-based seduction, Gunwitch taught sexual state-based seduction, Mystery taught social value-based seduction, etc.and everyone else in newer generations of the PUA community just seemed to rehash old content in various ways.I watched the trends of this PUA community over the years and noticed him getting more attention and rising to the top.Now, PUA Training has a tremendous and influential presence.

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